Gamechangers was born out of passionate, like-minded individuals; individuals who met on ’no budget short films’, ‘next to nothing music videos’, ‘low budget feature films’ and in backyards at barbecues for wrap parties and birthdays. We are passionate individuals wanting more and willing to work for it. As a group we acknowledge that in WA, there is a communication gap between the emerging sector and the professional sector, including government agencies and guilds. Gamechangers is a step towards bridging that gap.

Initiated by the ADG, we formed to represent and celebrate what is already a vibrant and inspiring culture of emerging and mid career film makers in WA. We are a group that is growing every year and creating more innovative and lauded content on a regular basis; a group that has to stand up and be accountable for our own future. For too long have we relied upon government finance and mentorship alone. If we truly want to commit to this industry we all have to contribute and we all have to connect. Because ultimately, we will be inheriting the industry that currently exists.

We are not here to change the wheel, we are here to give it a pressure test and ensure it is fit for all of us travel into the future.


Joshua Gilbert, Sam Lara, Kate Separovich, David Vincent Smith,
Brett Dowson, Matthew Willemsen & Ella Wright.

Gamechangers Events:

December 10th, 2018.

Mix & Match.

Open to members of the West Australian film industry who have projects in development or ready to pitch and are seeking creative partners. The format of the evening will be structured and un-structured meeting, mixing and mingling.  The goal is to connect people at both ends of the “project continuum”: those with projects and those looking for projects.

Right now we are calling for project submissions. Potential participants are required to submit a log line and one paragraph description of their project. A maximum of twenty (25) projects will be considered. Anyone who completed Feature Film Boot Camp (FFBC) 1.0 will have right-of-first-refusal to participate in the pitch meetings.

The Mix and Match event will take place on December 10th and you will need to submit your project for consideration by November 30th.

Projects can be all formats of drama: tv, feature, shorts, web series and we will attempt as best we can to match your project with interested partners, which could be producers, directors or writers.

Please send your projects to:

June 20th, 2018.

Pinnacles Launch Party & Networking – Connect and Collaborate.

Meet the Pinnacles Collective: The Gamechangers, Screenwriters WA and Australian Directors Guild – at The Standard, 28 Roe St, Northbridge – and find out about the collective’s schedule of events, including the Feature Writing Bootcamp, The Director’s Intensive, and The Gamechangers Script Speed Dating.

Link To Social Media:

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